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- Submissions are manually checked for quality and safety.
- Only safe (established websites) with 100% free quality content.
- Your site must have a certain amount of content, a template with a few pictures is not enough.
- Everyone can submit a website (users and webmasters).
- Link sites, review sites and premium sites will not be included.
- I do not trade, buy, sell links or traffic! Feel free to submit your website for review and link back.
- Contact information must be present on your website!
- Misleading websites, spam sites etc will be declined by default.
- 100's of other reasons why I might decline your website.
- Do you have suggestions for me? Please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

If you want to bring your link, review or premium site under my attention, please contact me through my e-mail [email protected]

The reason I do not include link, review or premium sites into my database is because it can lead to irrelevant and unwanted search results in my search engine.

Submitting your website is not a guarantee it will be included!

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